Spectacular Studio is located at the heart of Lisbon, we believe that nice people deserve a nice place to work on, so we take a bit of pride in our office. 

Even before the lockdown hit us, we had in place an effective remote workflow that we used regularly to collaborate with creatives, writers, artists a bit from all over the world, so the new work reality was not much of a change for us. So much in fact that towards the end of 2020 we had to enlarge the team and set up a full-time writers room to develop our projects. So while we love our current office, it has become too small, and we are in the process of moving to a bigger space.

Phone : +351 969 970 399
Mail : production@spectacularstudio.net
Adress : Rua da Moeda, nº1. 1º Andar Sala 3. 1200-275 Lisboa