Submit your ideias

Great ideas are everywhere. Sometimes they just arrive too early, or too late, or just need another format to become bulletproof. And that’s our biggest dream, to help creatives, writers, directors and other dreams to transform and develop their ideas. We are looking for original stories that are unique, and that excites the viewers imagination. Stories that are truly honest and that have a meaning, stories that reveals something about the world, human nature and that are fun read. In other words, we are looking for stories that touch.

Please submit your short idea (no longer than one page) with a working title, logline, brief description of the lead characters, and synopsis (for the pilot episode or the feature film). We are not looking for a fully baked pilot. Just a one pager with the basic ideas of your project. If we like your idea or we believe we can make it happen, we’ll contact you and provide all the resources that will help you develop your idea into a full pilot script. We will work with you to explore the best ways to tell your story, and we’ll look for the best way to develop it and make it happen.

Please submit your one pager ideas to: