Color and Editorial

From the script to the edit and the color grading, we want to be part of the entire creative process. For the finishing of our projects, we collaborate with editors, and colorists  from all over the world. We extend color and editorial services to third party production companies as well.
So if you need an editor or colorist , reach out to us. Bellow check out some of the talent we are proud to represent.


Xavi Santolaya
Sergio Pasqualino Jr

Moncho Sánchez-Gómez

Ghislain Rio

Charles Freville
Aleksandr Verholak
Paula Ruiz

Julia Rossetti

Vico Martin
Nuno Garcia

Paulo Américo
Lita Bosch
Carlos Flores

Phil Choe

Gene Curley

Chris Ryan

Ron Sudul

Lenny Mastrandrea

Sal Malfitano

Oscar Oboza
Maria Carretero

Marcos Castiel

We are a fully remote editorial and color grading house, that means that we can edit and color your project working from Lisbon, or from almost anywhere in Europe or in the US and Canadá.
But if you are in Lisbon, we do have color grading suites and Editorial ready to go.