Spectacular Studio is a creative Color Grading facility located in the center of Lisbon. A studio that works on a variety of different platforms including advertising, film, television and music videos - just steps from the Time Out Market.

Whether you are looking for a stylized finish, an untouched natural image, or if you simply want to establish color continuity, we believe that Color Grading is a fundamental part of your design and creative process.

Along with Directors, Directors of Photography and other Visual Artists, Spectacular Studio is home to the best colorists in the world. It’s cool, comfortable space is equipped with a DaVinci Resolve suite. With it's collective of international colorists, Spectacular Studio can colour grade your project live in studio, or remotely. Keeping you connected with colorists from London, Shanghai, Barcelona, New York, Paris and São Paulo.

We think Color Grading is a creative but also a scientific process. At Spectacular Studio, we pay special attention to the technical aspect of the suite. From the monitor calibration, to the stability of the remote connection.