Lenny Mastrandrea

Lenny Mastrandrea always encourages his collaborators to embrace the possibilities of color, pushing content to find a unique look that helps a story, and ultimately a brand stand out. He has found a new inspiration in the format of HDR, most recently teaming with Amazon to deliver their documentary series All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines. Lenny loves acting as a source of knowledge for his colleagues and partners, always ready to share his experience in color grading to help others grow their careers.

Lenny has been obsessed with construction. It began with building with his father, a general contractor, and continued as he studied how to craft a story while studying to be an English teacher in college (don’t use incorrect grammar in your session - he’ll get you!). That passion grew as Lenny found his way into advertising and ultimately color, as Lenny has studied and experimented with how color impacts the construction of a story.

Lenny is available by remote from New York.